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From: Alejandra Breva Calatayud [mailto:abrevac@…]
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2018 0:45 AM
To: Diu Ciao Asia Travel
Subject: Re: RV: CVC1931118THD/ Requesting tour from Alejandra Breva

Good afternoon Diu,

We are back in Madrid again and we are very very happy with the trip!!! It’s been very well organised, great variety and very complete. The hotels have been awesome and the guides have been good professionals and some of them very funny. I’ve put some comentó in your questionary but there’re mininum comments. The reality is that we’re really happy with the overall trip.

Thank you very much!!! We really appreciate your effort. I’ll recommend this agency to my friends, in fact, I’ve already done!
We would like to know to which other countries you could organice us trips. Maybe, next year we can visit other one.

Kind regards,


From: Ken Dang [mailto:ken20303@…]
Sent: Friday, November 23, 2018 20:46 PM
To: Diu Ciao Asia Travel
Subject: Re: FW: Requesting tour from Ken Dang – CV991118THD

Good morning from US, Diu

We were back to US last night after a long visit in Saigon and Taiwan. Just want to drop a thank you note to your service and those beautiful gifts from your travel company. We definitively contact you or refer your service to friends and relatives in US in future. Please say hi to Phong as well.


From: Sergio SR [mailto:sersieiro@…]
Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2018 9:32 PM
To: Giang Vietnam Tour
Subject: Re: Requesting tour from Sergio Sieiro/CV1730818TNTG

Dear Giang,

thank you for all. It was a good job and you have a good team.
We will recommend you in Spain(friends an family).
The organization, the different cars and drivers, Ms. Mi, the hotel and the places that we visited and where we ate were fantastics.
I hope the best to your company.
Best regards and thanks a lot,

Sergio Sieiro
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From: Florence Fung [mailto:florencefung7@…]
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2018 13:27 PM
To: Diu Ciao Asia Travel
Subject: Re: CV1170618THD/ Ha Long Bay tour/ TOP URGENT

Dear Diu,

Thanks for your email.

I would like to thank you for the perfect arrangement of the tour . Everything went smoothly. The guide and driver did their work to our satisfaction.

I especially want to say thank you for the recommendation of the overnight cruise of the Lan Ha Bay. The arrangement on board the cruise and the pick up after the cruise were extremely good. The scenery of Lan Ha Bay is beautiful. We were glad that we did not take the Ha Long Bay cruise because that Bay is more busy and difficult to take pictures. But the Lan Ha Bay is more quiet and not many cruise ships . We managed to take many good photos while the ship cruised along.

Thanks again for the service . I hope I can require your service in future .


From: יהודית הרפז [mailto:harpaz444@…]
Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2018 2:00 AM
To: Sales Vietnam Tours
Subject: recommendation

Dear Mis Diu,

We would like to thank you for the wonderful trip that you organized for us, everything was great – the hotels were great, as well as transportation and all the accompanying services.we also enjoyed your attitude and the dedire to fill in the smallest details.
We will definitely be happy to recommend you and the company’s services
And thanks again for a great experience.
All the best,
Judy and Yithak Harpaz

From: Vasiliki Daras [mailto:bd2131@…]
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 5:02 PM
To: Nancy Vietnam Tour
Subject: Trip

My family and I would like to thank you especially and Ciao Travel for a wonderfully planned trip to Vietnam and Cambodia It was an amazing cultural experience where we met and admired the Vietnamese and Cambodian people their food and traditions In such a short time we were introduced to your history and customs I will recommend your services to all my friends We love Vietnam and we will remember it forever Thank you Michael Daras

Michael Daras from USA

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From: Reetta Laari [mailto:reettalaari@…]
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2017 8:48 PM
To: Nancy Vietnam Tour
Subject: Re: FW: FW: FW: Request customized tour from Reetta

Dear Nancy,

many thanks for the excellent planning of our tour. We have safely returned home during the weekend and enjoyed our visit 100 %
We can especially recommend the day you arranged in Hoi An – it was a highlight of our trip.

I would be happy to recommend your company in tripadvisor if you want, just send me the link.

Hope you have a great week !

With kind regards
Reetta Laari

From: Victoria Conway [mailto:victoria.conway@…]
Sent: Friday, February 10, 2017
To: Giang Sapa Tour
Subject: Re: Requesting tour from Victoria/CV3930117NTG

Hi Giang,

Thank you for touching base!

I’d love to give some feedback on the tour. Firstly, you have been absolutely extremely accommodating and very very helpful in this entire process start to finish! We will most definitely recommend you to our friends. We loved Sapa, though it was rainy and foggy it was a really lovely place. Lan our village tour guide on the first day to Cat Cat village was absolutely amazing, nice, caring and explained so much! The second day in the village was the worst experience we have had here. We understood the weather was rainy and cold and we’re dressed very appropriately so that was not an issue. Climbing up the mountain with slippery mud, falling down over 5 times between both of us, having tremendous amount of rain and waterfalls, almost slipping of the mountain sides was absolutely horrible! I asked our tour guide to stop about 30% the way through and there was nothing we could do because we were stuck either way up or down. I’m very very displeased with how unsafe this was! I’m fairly fit and my boyfriend very fit and we greatly struggled with this experience. It was not enjoyable at all.

In saying that, the Halong Bay tour was the best part of our trip so far! The boat upgrade was an absolute plus so thank you so much! The staff on the boat, Tom the tour guide, Quaong the Manager, the chef and the wait staff were absolutely phenomenal! The accommodations were gorgeous, the food was the best we’ve had, absolutely everything was a 5 star! The hotel in Sapa the exact same, the staff was amazing!! The room was gorgeous! The fact that we were able to check in in Sapa and Hanoi to have showers before breakfasts was not expected and made our trip! So thank you so much for an amazingly planned trip!

Best regrds,


From: Monica NA [mailto:monica.na.2708@…]
Sent: Monday, January 23, 2017 8:50 PM
To: Giang Sapa Tour
Cc: Pin Yen
Subject: Re: FW: Requesting tour from Monica

Hi Ms Giang (and Ms Huong),
Yen Pin and I have returned to Singapore earlier today. Thanks to you, our trip went pretty smoothly and we could relax knowing that our itinerary was well taken care of. We enjoyed our maiden trip to Vietnam-Sapa and Ha Long Bay are both really beautiful—and in the future we’ll probably go back to explore other parts of the country that we’ve heard of from fellow travelers.Thank you for all your help :).

Best regards,

From: John Zhang [mailto:]
Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2017 4:46 PM
To: Nancy Vietnam Tour
Subject: Re: services voucher+ invoice

Hello Nancy,

Juts like to say thank you very much for the services we have received while we were in Vietnam.
we really enjoyed the trip and food/ tour which you have arranged for us.
Hopefully we will come back to Vietnam in the future and would like to get your services again.

I will recommend you to our friends if they need.

again, Thank you very much.

Kind regards,
New Zealand

From: Carolin Jesse [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, December 9, 2016 11:07 AM
To: Nancy Sapa Tour
Subject: Aw: RE: Passport copies – Carolin Jesse + Thomas Jaehrling
Hello Nancy,
sorry for the late reply. The last few weeks have been quite “busy” travelling in Vietnam and Thailand… i don’t want to complain though ;)
Me and my partner Thomas would like to THANK YOU so much for organising and helping us with our perfect tour – it has been almost the best time for us in Vietnam and we still talk about the moments we’ve experienced in these 5 days. Nancy, you and your Team organised and helped us just perfectly well, we couldn’t have asked for anything else/more, especially since I only contacted you a few days before! I told my whole family and friends how lucky we were, so if they ever come to Vietnam I hope they will also book such a great tour :)If you don’t mind I would like to give some more details about the tour:

– so the whole organisation went perfectly well, we felt never lost or anything like that. The pick-ups and drop-offs worked great and your little “handbook”plus the explanation and help of your collegue the day we went to Sapa with the night train just couldn’t leave us clueless

– the nighttrain was by the way such a great experience for us! And we happened to have great couples with us in the same wagon, two times – I have to say the nighttrain was a little highlight for us :)

– the accomodation in the hotels were fantastic! oh my god! we had an amazing room in SaPa, with the best view! We also got food the whole time, even though your handbook only mentioned breakfast the first day in SaPa. We actually got breakfast, lunch AND dinner – what a nice surprise :) (SaPa was the best for us, it is soooo beautiful! We have to come back! :D)

– Also a big THANK YOU for organising the hotel after coming back from SaPa in the morning and before going to Halong Bay. It was very nice to have a shower plus a little nap before continuing the trip. The Larosa Hotel offered us the BEST breakfast we had in a long time – we were so overwhelmed and didn’t want to stop eating ;D

– the trip to the Halong Bay was a nice thing to end our trip with, the tourguide was very friendly and the ship was cute.
Here is only one thing which we found very sad and frustrating at the end: the bar staff of the Lavender cruise tried to charge us a lot more for the drinks than we had actually spent. And they didn’t only do that to us, but to almost everyone on the boat. We had to discuss and argue about the whole bill with them. (They offered a happy hour for example, where you get 3 drinks for 2 – but at the end they charged every drink.) We found that very disappointing, it was not a mistake, they purposely tried to fool us. Of course this has nothing to do with you but maybe there is another boat company that treats the guests fairly, in case you hear that often…

Okay Nancy, that’s about it I think. Thank you again so much for listening, helping, organising – it was a brilliant tour for us and if it is any help to you we would like to share our experiences (on tripadvisor/ your website / etc.) – just let me know.


From: Bhola B. Thapa [mailto:bthapa@…com.np]
Sent: Sunday, December 4, 2016 17:52 PM
To: diu@ciaoasiatravel.com
Subject: Thank you note

Ms. Huong Diu
Vice Director
CIAO Asia Travel Co. Ltd
Hanoi, Vietnam

Dear Ms. Diu,


I am writing this letter to express our profound appreciation for the wonderful service you provided during our visit to Vietnam.

Your knowledge is wide, and appreciated the care you have taken with each and every one of us. The trip will be in our minds for a long time. You certainly have a wonderful manner of giving us some of the information about your country.

Also would like to thank you for the wonderful gift.

Once again thank you for your great service.

Thanks & Regards,


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