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Tinh Tam Lake – Hue

Lying on the left bank of Đinh Tien Hoang Road at the Thuan Loc and Thuan Thanh wards, the lake is one of the well-known beauty spots of ancient Hue.

The lake has a rectangular-shaped with 1,420m in circumference and is surrounded by brick walls. In the past, you can see several islets on the lake: Doanh Chau (Sea Islet), Bong Lai Islet (many remarkably beautiful monuments were erected) and Bong Doanh Tinh Tam Lake is a man-made beauty spot in which the Nguyen Kings often took pride. King Minh Mang had composed 10 poems about 10 scenes of the lake, while King Thieu Tri listed it among 20 beauty spots of Hue

Bong Lai islet situated in the south, right in the middle is Bong Doanh palace with the architecture of 3 main compartments and 2 extra ones, tiles roofed, facing the south, surrounded by brick parapet. In front of palace is Bong Doang gate and bridge connecting islet and river bank. To the east of Bong Doanh palace is Thuy Ta Thanh Tam house facing the east, Truong Luyen palace face the west to the west. There is a gate and bridge with the same name: Hong Cu.


On Phuong Truong islet: In the middle is Nam Huan pavilion facing the south with 2 floors, tiles roofed. In the north, Tinh Tam pavilion faces the north; Hao Nhien pavilion in the east, in the west is Duong Tinh pavilion.Tu Dat temple is located between two islets in the system of tiles roofed corridor including 44 compartments, connecting Bich Tao Bridge in the south and Hong Cu Bridge in the north.

Doanh Chau islet: Admist Tinh Tam is Kim Oanh dam linking eastern and western edge. To the east of dyke is the Luc Lieu Bridge. In the south, dam connects with a 56 compartments’ corridor, the Bach tan in the middle.

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