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Feedback from Alejandra Breva Calatayud

From: Alejandra Breva Calatayud [mailto:abrevac@…]
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2018 0:45 AM
To: Diu Ciao Asia Travel
Subject: Re: RV: CVC1931118THD/ Requesting tour from Alejandra Breva

Good afternoon Diu,

We are back in Madrid again and we are very very happy with the trip!!! It’s been very well organised, great variety and very complete. The hotels have been awesome and the guides have been good professionals and some of them very funny. I’ve put some comentó in your questionary but there’re mininum comments. The reality is that we’re really happy with the overall trip.

Thank you very much!!! We really appreciate your effort. I’ll recommend this agency to my friends, in fact, I’ve already done!
We would like to know to which other countries you could organice us trips. Maybe, next year we can visit other one.

Kind regards,


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