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Feedback from Carolin Jesse

From: Carolin Jesse [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, December 9, 2016 11:07 AM
To: Nancy Sapa Tour
Subject: Aw: RE: Passport copies – Carolin Jesse + Thomas Jaehrling
Hello Nancy,
sorry for the late reply. The last few weeks have been quite “busy” travelling in Vietnam and Thailand… i don’t want to complain though ;)
Me and my partner Thomas would like to THANK YOU so much for organising and helping us with our perfect tour – it has been almost the best time for us in Vietnam and we still talk about the moments we’ve experienced in these 5 days. Nancy, you and your Team organised and helped us just perfectly well, we couldn’t have asked for anything else/more, especially since I only contacted you a few days before! I told my whole family and friends how lucky we were, so if they ever come to Vietnam I hope they will also book such a great tour :)If you don’t mind I would like to give some more details about the tour:

– so the whole organisation went perfectly well, we felt never lost or anything like that. The pick-ups and drop-offs worked great and your little “handbook”plus the explanation and help of your collegue the day we went to Sapa with the night train just couldn’t leave us clueless

– the nighttrain was by the way such a great experience for us! And we happened to have great couples with us in the same wagon, two times – I have to say the nighttrain was a little highlight for us :)

– the accomodation in the hotels were fantastic! oh my god! we had an amazing room in SaPa, with the best view! We also got food the whole time, even though your handbook only mentioned breakfast the first day in SaPa. We actually got breakfast, lunch AND dinner – what a nice surprise :) (SaPa was the best for us, it is soooo beautiful! We have to come back! :D)

– Also a big THANK YOU for organising the hotel after coming back from SaPa in the morning and before going to Halong Bay. It was very nice to have a shower plus a little nap before continuing the trip. The Larosa Hotel offered us the BEST breakfast we had in a long time – we were so overwhelmed and didn’t want to stop eating ;D

– the trip to the Halong Bay was a nice thing to end our trip with, the tourguide was very friendly and the ship was cute.
Here is only one thing which we found very sad and frustrating at the end: the bar staff of the Lavender cruise tried to charge us a lot more for the drinks than we had actually spent. And they didn’t only do that to us, but to almost everyone on the boat. We had to discuss and argue about the whole bill with them. (They offered a happy hour for example, where you get 3 drinks for 2 – but at the end they charged every drink.) We found that very disappointing, it was not a mistake, they purposely tried to fool us. Of course this has nothing to do with you but maybe there is another boat company that treats the guests fairly, in case you hear that often…

Okay Nancy, that’s about it I think. Thank you again so much for listening, helping, organising – it was a brilliant tour for us and if it is any help to you we would like to share our experiences (on tripadvisor/ your website / etc.) – just let me know.


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