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Feedback from Gladys

From: Gladys [mailto:mustardseed05@…]
Sent: 04 January 2015 7:40 CH
To: Diu Sapa Tour
Subject: Thank you

Dear Diu Tran,

We are now in Sapa having own western dinner for a change fr the local food!
Just want to compliment our guide Quy, so cheerful and informative! The very right person for us. Today’s boat ride in river chay was most enjoyable. We have taken many boat trips in Europe, China but this is the best! As the river us low tide, we experience travelling ‘On The Rock’ but best of all we saw the son jumping in and out of the boat to help the father pull and push the flat bottomed boat to deeper waters. He is small but so agile and strong. Even the guide Quy took off his shoes and socks, jumped into the shallow water and helped too! Such a warming sight!

Thanks Diu for everything!

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