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Robert and Marisa Komisar

Hi Tran, I hope you are doing well. We have arrived back home safe and sound. Just a little jet lagged. We did have some excitement on our way home in that we were at the airport in Tokyo when the earthquake struck. It was 7.3 and you probably have heard about it on the news. We were sitting at the gate waiting to board our flight when the whole building started shaking. Very scary but no damage.I have so much to do now that I am home. Christmas is around the corner and I have to start to plan for packing for my trip to France. I leave on Jan. 3rd. When I am in France I will have lots of time to organize my pictures. I usually do an album online in something called Picassa. When I have it done I will send you the link and then you can see our pictures.I will miss our talking. I want to say that you did an amazing job coordinating this trip for us and I am so glad we decided to do it the way we did. It was perfect and I will recommend you to everyone I speak to.

Take care and stay in touch. You never know you might come to Canada one day or I might come back to Vietnam.

Big hug back to you.

Robert and Marisa Komisar

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