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Bac Ninh launching tourism stimulus program 2013

Responding to the tourism stimulus program 2013 of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, recently, Bac Ninh’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Bac Ninh’s DoCST) has officially launched “Tourism Stimulus Program 2013” with the participation of the authorities and the response of tourism businesses in the province.

Bac Ninh launching tourism

Accordingly, the tourism stimulus program 2013 of Bac Ninh Province focuses on key activities such as: promoting tourism potential through fairs, conferences, events, activities of National Tourism Year of the Red River Delta – Hai Phong 2013; refurbishing important historical relic sites and tourist attractions; making plan for developing more new tourism types; ensuring public security and cleaning environment… in tourist sites; opening training courses to raise awareness of local people about the position and role of tourism for economic-social development… Besides, Bac Ninh’s DoCST also fosters to develop and promote tourism products, improve service’s quality to attract more and more tourists.

In addition, the last 6 months of 2013, Bac Ninh will also implement activities to promote the tourism image to domestic and international tourists, e.g: organizing the destination survey program for tour operators and tourist journalists of the key and potential tourism markets; participating in the Red River Delta’s public art festival and souvenir exhibition in Hai Phong; organizing “Promotion month 2013” to stimulate consumption; holding exhibition “Craft villages’ colors in Quan Ho land” to introduce souvenir items and products from traditional craft villages …

Along with the promotion activities, Bac Ninh’s DoCST also encourages tour operators, accommodations, restaurants, supermarkets, entertainment sites, shopping centers… initiatively to launch stimulus packages, discounts and incentives to customers; supports businesses, tour operators in organizing tourism survey programs to create unique products of the province on the occasion of National Tourism Year of the Red River Delta – Hai Phong 2013; organizes the folk festivals to attract tourists…

Located adjacent to Hanoi Capital, Bac Ninh Province owns plentiful culture tourism resources with many typical historical – cultural relic sites such as: Dau Pagoda – the oldest pagoda in Viet Nam; But Thap Pagoda with unique architecture; Do Temple – where worships 8 Kings of Ly Dynasty; Dinh Bang Communal House – one of the most beautiful communal houses in the North region… Besides, this land preserves nearly 550 festivals, including 49 typical traditional festivals with deeply cultural, spiritual values. In addition, Bac Ninh also converges many unique traditional craft villages such as: Phu Lang Pottery (Que Vo District); Phu Khe and Dong Ky Carpentry, Da Hoi Iron (Tu Son Town), Dong Ho Painting (Thuan Thanh District)… Especially, Bac Ninh is also considered as homeland of Quan Ho folk songs – masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity recognized by UNESCO.

Despite plentiful and diverse culture tourism potential, tourism business activities of Bac Ninh still are seasonal and lack of linkage. The tourism stimulus program 2013 is essential to foster growth of the number of tourists, stimulate tourism expenditure to increase tourism revenue and provincial budget and contribute to bringing Bac Ninh to become an important and attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Source: Vietnam Tourism News

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